Vision 2020 Update: March 2018

 |  Vision 2020

New Business: Ad Hoc Committee Updates

  • Structures- Chuck Bowers
  • Communication- Meredith Cale
  • Worship – Mary Loyd
  • Discipleship- Elizabeth Baker
  • Fellowship- Jesalyn McCurry
  • Committee restructuring recommendation was approved at the last church conference.  See handout emailed with meeting agenda “Recommendation for Committee Restructuring Vison 2020”
  • Chuck noted that under Ministry Teams if additional committees are needed, as some will need to be created, they will need to be sent to Baker Crowe, Personnel Chair and go through the Nominating Committee. (These would be committees like Love Grantswood, Cooks on a Mission)
  • The Building structure recommendations on space needs both current and future were approved and adopted at the Annual Church Conference.  Currently an Architectural committee is in place (comprised of: Sherrie Futch, Caleb Haynes and David Bryan).  This group is seeking resumes from architectural firms to then seek RFP from those selected.  The goal is to select firms most interested in by April and start interviews. 
  • Emerging Leaders – Clark Cooper, Chuck Bowers and Wayne Splawn met.  Think the Associate Deacons are the group to start with, but more work to come here. 
  • Working on the design and publication of a monthly Ministry Guide.  The plan is to do a feature highlight on each 2020 Vision.  So far:  April will highlight Structures/ May will highlight Love Grantswood and a feature is needed for June
  • The worship evaluation is complete which entailed visiting other services and offering suggestions for ours.  No big changes came from this.  Results were shared with Kely Hatley.
  • Technology: continue to work on the request for live streaming of our worship services.  Much work has gone into this.  Kely Hatley is now meeting with streaming companies. 
  • The decision of whether to use screens in the Sanctuary has been tabled for now. 
  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory offered to congregation – being developed by Wayne and Mary Splawn.  Hope to have something ready by Fall 2018. Recommendation was made by Billy Bates to follow up with Bill Wilson on a tool he has successfully used in the past.
  • Small Groups – change has been made to head of the Small Groups Bible Study team with Jason Harkins replacing Greg Smith who relocated to Texas. Working on forming this committee. Sunday Morning Bible Study committee formed and is led by John Scott.
  • Foundational Spiritual Disciplines/Core Basics of Baptist History - Dr. Dortch is inviting a renowned Baptist theologian/historian to come in and offer either a lecture or series about the foundational spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith and core basics of Baptist history.  This should be later summer, early fall.
  • Offer on line courses in Discipleship – Right Now Media has been launched.  Suggestion has been made to staff liaison Wayne Splawn to form a committee to research other on line media tools, and bring recommendations to him.  This objective still needs work
  • Guest Speakers or Transformational Learning – committee head Amy Scofield reached out to several renowned speakers with no luck.  Booking speakers happens well in advance often a year ahead.  Committee working now to incorporate a speaker with the 75th Anniversary Celebration.
  • Mentor/Apprentice model of Discipleship– plan is to form a committee to work on this by fall 2018. Goal will be to identify professionals in our congregational from different  generations to offer mentor and apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Evaluation of Age Graded Ministries – report from Chair is expected in April regarding findings of committee about our programs offered and what others are offering in the community. Breakdown of age-graded ministries: Nursery – 6th grade; Students 7th grade – College; Adults I & II.
  • This team has completed their objectives.  They continue to monitor ongoing needs for ministry activities like: greeters for the Living Nativity.  They also weekly write letters to those on the prayer list as examples on their on-going work.
  • Introduction of “No Frills Felllowship” – ministry where you ask a friend, neighbor or co-worker to join you in one of the events offered at MBBS.