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Partnership With Faith Church

We endeavor to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, not only with one another, but also in all corners of the globe. 

Serving in missions provides opportunities for us to share the gospel and to experience personal spiritual growth. Due to our busy lifestyles and other various factors, it stands to reason that local missions are where many of us will spend most of our time serving. It’s important we not only share the gospel, but we also serve with Christians of similar beliefs from diverse backgrounds. Such service opportunities allow us to develop a broader understanding of how we can meet the various needs of others in our neighboring communities and to gain the experience of serving with Christians from different backgrounds. 

To help us accomplish these goals, Mountain Brook Baptist Church has developed a partnership with Faith Church.

Faith Church is a multi-cultural community of believers whose church is located in Midfield, Alabama. The needs in the Midfield community differ substantially from Mountain Brook, although the need to share the love of Jesus Christ is the same. Through serving alongside the congregation of Faith Church we will create new Christian relationships, gain knowledge about the needs in our neighboring communities so we can enhance our influence for Christ, and grow socially, culturally, and spiritually.


Leaf Food Pantry

The Leaf Food Pantry is a food bank certified by the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama and hosted by Faith Church. It is an important and impactful community ministry of Faith Church.  The Leaf Food Pantry is housed on the campus of Faith Church. It is open to the public on the third Saturday of each month beginning at 8 a.m. Members of Faith Church ensure the food bank is stocked with nutritious food and they provide the manpower necessary to serve those shopping every third Saturday. Due to the volume of work, they welcome members of our congregation serving alongside them. If you’re interested in serving, please contact Baker Crow (205-936-3263 or

The Leaf Food Pantry also provides other items for their shoppers. These items are not supplied by any agencies. Faith Church has asked our congregation to consider donating these items monthly to the Leaf Food Pantry. If you’re willing to purchase any of the items listed below, please leave them by 5 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month on the desk marked “Faith Church” which is located under the stairs in the office area of our church.

Items needed monthly for the Leaf Pantry:
Shampoo and Conditioner
Laundry Detergent
Dish Detergent
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Cooking Oil

New Freezers for Leaf Food Pantry

Thank you Rehoboth and Grace Nelson Hope Classes for your generous gift of freezers to the Faith Church’s Leaf Pantry. These freezers will allow them to provide more nutritious food for their shoppers and serve as a testament of your selfless Christ-like love

Living According to Christ's Commands

1 Peter 4:10 instructs “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms” (NIV). God’s gifts and ways to serve are varied as evidenced by the activities of some of the more mature members of our congregation. 

During the first half of 2023 members of the ACTIVE Christian Living ministry at MBBC have occasionally helped to restock the Leaf Pantry at Faith Church. This tedious and strenuous help was appreciated by the volunteers from the Faith Church congregation who normally are tasked with the entire effort. Also, members of ACTIVE Christian Living were able to observe there was a need for additional freezers for the Leaf Pantry in order to adequately store items requiring refrigeration, so they raised enough money among themselves to purchase additional freezers.

The members of the Grace Nelson Hope Sunday School class have created a unique way to serve the shoppers of the Leaf Pantry. They’ve assembled kits that include all the ingredients for a shopper to bake a birthday cake. I personally observed a shopper’s eyes well with tears when I handed her a kit after she told me it was her birthday.

You’re never too old, or too young, to follow Christ’s command to serve others. Our partnership with Faith Church allows our congregation to put that command into practice.

Living Nativity Social

The reception for members of Faith Church during our first night of performances of the Living Nativity was a rousing success. The large attendance from our congregation when combined with an affable attitude from those who attended created a warm and welcoming environment for our guests. The overabundance of tantalizing choices of food was a much appreciated and surprising addition to the evening. Many of their children thoroughly enjoyed acting in the second performance of the Living Nativity.

Thank you Mountain Brook Baptist Church for reflecting the love of Christ during this Christmas season!

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