Dr. Wayne Splawn

Senior Minister

Vince Blackerby

Director of Operations

Joel Burks

Minister to Students

Dr. Kely Hatley

Minister of Music and Active Christian Living (55+ Adults)

Amy Hirsch

Associate Minister for Membership and Pastoral Care

Sharon Howard

Minister to Children and Families

Ethan McVay

Minister for Preteen and Junior High Students

Mark Rector

Associate Minister

Mary Splawn

Minister of Connections


Renee DeRamus

CLC Associate

Christopher Henley


Chris Farley

ACTIVE Christian Living and Music Ministry Associate

Fallon Farley

Student Ministry Intern

F. Robert (Joey) Gleason


Carrie Hanson


Jane Helms

Receptionist/Finance Office Assistant

Debbie Hix

Director of Finance

Katie Johnson

Communications Coordinator

Catherine Loveman

Children's Ministry Assistant

James Spann

Project 119 Intern

Bertha Noland

Head Custodian

Cathy Spence