Pastor's Blog: The Perils of Punching a Clock

 |  Sermon Preview

There are two great heresies that keep many from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus died and was resurrected for us to know.  The first heresy is: "God helps those who help themselves."  The fact of the matter is that God helps those who cannot help themselves.  Look at the Bible.  It's filled with stories of people who didn't have a leg to stand on, until God made a way where a way didn't exist. 

And the second heresy is even more pernicious: "Everyone should get what he or she deserves."  The reason this point of view is so dangerous is because it's precisely the foundation for how everything in life functions.  Any other way would seem patently unfair.  But do you really want what you deserve?  I didn't think so; I sure don't.  I want grace.

This Sunday we'll look at one of the stories Jesus told us that strikes a clear contrast between the values of this fallen world and those of the Kingdom of Heaven, which represents a redeemed reality for which all believers long and toward which we earnestly work.  But what Jesus' parable reminds us is that at the end of the day we all experience the same measure of grace, which comes to amount to so much more than what we should expect to receive.  In addition to the lesson, we'll show our gratitude for such amazing grace by sharing together in the Lord's Supper.  That act of worship represents the hope of God's salvation more so than anything else we do.

So, join us this Sunday as we break the bread and pass the cup and remember what Jesus did, which none of us could ever deserve.  Come prepared to celebrate the inexhaustible favor of our most generous God and know that when you leave, His grace will continue to abound and will well up into something that results in so much more than you ever thought possible.