Sermon Preview: We Worship God

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1 Chronicles 16:23-31 • “We Worship God”

This Sunday I’m beginning a six-part sermon series on the heart of our Vision 2020 plan, which addresses the “thumbnail proposals” that convey our core values and primary objectives. The first of those proposals is our confession, “We worship God.”

Now, you think that would go without saying. Every church engages in worship. But while it is true that every church has some type of large scale gathering on the Lord’s Day, I’m not sure that every church appreciates how central that gathering is to everything else that church does. In other words, worship is the “driver” that connects a community of faith to God and enables them to draw deeply upon those spiritual resources that are essential to their effectiveness in mission.

Our vision statement acknowledges the primary role of worship in the context of our understanding of God’s larger mission for our church. It recognizes how our Sunday experience sets the tone for everything else we do at MBBC, and draws us closer to God and to one another in the process. It reminds us that while we might discontinue every other activity and still be a viable community of faith, if we ever gave up on corporate worship, we wouldn’t be in business, God’s business, for very long.

So, your presence this Sunday is important. As with many other gatherings in life, the more folk who are present in our Sunday worship gathering, the merrier the experience. But when it comes to worship, there is another factor at work – the more folk who are present, the more uplifting will be the experience. And in the end, that’s what all of us need, and it is also what God demands.