Sermon Preview: Show Some Respect


The story of the Parable of the Evil Tenants is one of those stories that are hard to wrap our minds around. The thought of a group of tenants who are so bad that they would kill not only the owner’s servants but also his own son just makes no sense to us at all. Who lives with such greed and self-interest?  

A glance at today’s news ought to be enough to answer that question. Sadly, there are far too many people who will run over anyone to further their own cause, and worse of all, there are some whose hearts are so full of evil they’ll go to the most heinous ends to accomplish their devilish aims.   

But the parable isn’t just meant to call out mean-spirited people; it’s also intended to have us reflect on that state of our hearts and to make sure that we don’t allow our own feelings of entitlement to get in the way of the work to which God calls us. The parable intends to have us think of ways we might return honor and glory to our Master by showing our respect to, as Jesus called them, “the least of these” his brethren. 

So, join us this Sunday as we gather to worship God and show Him our respect. Come ready to lift high His name and consider how we might extend His Kingdom in our world.  Prepare to have your soul challenged so that in all that you’re about you bear fruit that returns to Jesus the glory he deserves and leaves open the possibility of others joining us in our vineyard labor so that all creation may one day join hearts and voices in proclaiming, “This is the Lord’s work and it is marvelous in our eyes!”