Sermon Preview: From a Little Comes a Lot

 |  Sermon Preview

Matthew 13:31-33

Most of us understand that small things have real influence, much more than what first might meet the eye. But we also have to admit that we live in a larger society that is enamored with bigness. “Bigger is better” is the mantra of 21st century life. Even believers have not avoided this infatuation with bigness witnessed by the fact that we have gone beyond “big” churches to “mega” churches.

Yet at the same time, our world is overwhelmed with huge social problems such as world hunger and entire villages without access to clean water and children in crises.As a result, we sometimes overlook the tiny seed problems that are at the root of so many of these difficult situations.

So, what is the solution? According to Jesus, we should not underestimate the impact of little events, and how from small things can come an awful lot. Indeed, the rule of God, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Heaven, is Exhibit A in that respect. Who would have thought that anything would have amounted from a small-town carpenter turned rabbi who pursued an itinerant ministry in a backwoods locale like Galilee? But of course, it did. 

Our text for this Sunday and the parables of the mustard seed and the leaven will remind us of that fact. These stories help us to see what many cannot see – that even when it may seem as if things are spinning out of control, we can be sure that they’re not. God is still very much in control, and He is constantly at work, even in the seemingly difficult and dastardly aspects of life, to bring His redemptive purposes to pass.

So, if your life is marked by discouragement by over how nothing in your life seems to be gaining any traction, our worship this Sunday will give us the opportunity to join together in trusting how while the Kingdom of Heaven may not always appear to be succeeding in our world, God is indeed at work, and is doing all that is necessary to bring His good purposes to pass, purposes that intend to bless all who place their trust in Him. Join us as we come together in such hope, believing that whatever faith we can dedicate to God will return to us in disproportionate measure and amaze us with a reservoir of grace that will prove more than sufficient for our every need.