Sermon Preview: All of God

 |  Sermon Preview  |  Dr. Doug Dortch

2 Corinthians 13:14

You’ve heard the expression, “The more the merrier?” That saying points to how when we come across something good, more of it is even better. When we come across something good, it always seems like we never can get enough.  

The same holds true for our relationship with God, which is the best and most important aspect of our lives. Because God is the source of every good thing (James 1:17), we only know the best life has to offer when we order our lives around God’s presence.   

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, where we emphasize the way in which God holds nothing of Himself back from us. Sadly, many hear the word “Trinity” and shrug their shoulders in resignation because they think that the concept is too far beyond them to mean anything. While it’s certainly the case that none of us can understand God completely, the doctrine of the Trinity, though ultimately a mystery of our faith, points to how God at His core is relational. God relates within Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and from that Holy Trinity flows an abundance of love that draws us closer to God and into that very circle of life.   

Appreciating the significance of the Trinity literally takes a lifetime. But Sundays like the one before us give us the chance to focus our worship on the God who has taken the initiative in reaching out to us in grace, love, and fellowship so that our service to others might take on the same look. So, if you’re in town on this Memorial Day weekend, join us for that experience of worship, and find your own being more fulfilled by experiencing more of God than you ever thought possible.