Project 119: Introduction to Hebrews

 |  Project 119  |  Amy Hirsch

Now that the first Sunday of Advent has passed, it’s likely you are hard at work concentrating on your Christmas to-do list. Perhaps you’ve picked out and decorated the perfect tree. Maybe you’re checking off boxes on your gift list for others. It’s possible you’re even planning to host your Sunday Morning Bible Study or small group party, and you’re consumed with the details of a party menu, entertainment, and decor.

In the midst of this season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, it can be easy to forget all about Him. In the hurry and in the rush, we hardly have a quiet moment to ourselves to marvel at the truth that in Christ, God has come to dwell with man. But Jesus is better. Jesus is better than the beautiful ornaments adorning that perfect Christmas tree. Jesus is better than any gift you could purchase for a loved one. Jesus is better than the best-planned party. Jesus is infinitely better than anything we bring in our humanity to this Christmas celebration.
“Jesus is better” is also the resounding message of the book of Hebrews. This letter—which sounds a lot like a sermon—was written by an unknown author to Jewish Christians.

Sandwiched between the traditional epistolary greeting and ending greetings, we have chapter after chapter filled with exhortations and warnings, encouraging Christians to hold fast to the truth of the gospel—the truth that Jesus is better. Jesus is better than the Mosaic Covenant. Jesus is better than the sacrifices made by the high priests. Jesus is better than the food laws. Jesus is better than the temple. Jesus is even better than the angels!

This Advent and Christmas season, my prayer is that, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, we would slow down and hear the refrain of Hebrews over and over again in our heads, and that this truth—that Jesus is better—would translate to our hearts. After all, it’s a truth we need to hear time and time again, and not just at Christmas. Jesus is better than any earthly desires we have. Jesus is better than our temporary circumstances. Jesus is better than worldly fame and security. Jesus is better than even all of the good gifts He may give us. To know Christ and to be known by Him is the greatest present of all. I pray you will know that true hope this Advent season.