Pastor's Blog: "We Are on a Mission"

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This Sunday, we will continue a new sermon series I have titled “Remember and Proclaim.” In this series, we are going to look at several passages from the book of Acts along with important aspects of our church’s history to identify essential qualities that should always characterize the life and ministries of Mountain Brook Baptist Church. We want to remember where we have come from, so we might faithfully proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ today and in the future. Over the next five weeks we will remember:

We are on a mission (Acts 1:1-8).
We are empowered by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-21).
We are united by our common faith (Acts 2:42-44, 4:32-37).
We are called to serve one another (Acts 6:1-7).
We are called to send people out to proclaim the gospel (Acts 13:1-3).

The goal of this series is not to look at the past with rose-colored glasses, producing in us a longing for some bygone golden era of the church. The truth of the matter is that every generation of the church has faced its own unique set of challenges. As we will see in the book of Acts, the church has always faced pressures from within and without that have threatened the faithful witness of God’s people. We are not called to proclaim the gospel in the first century or in the 1970s. We are called to preach the gospel and make disciples in 2022 and beyond. Our current cultural moment surely has unique challenges and wonderful opportunities just like every era of the past. Instead of romanticizing the past, we want to look back so that we might move forward more faithfully.

To kick off this important season in the life of our church, we will have a combined worship service followed by a churchwide barbecue lunch in the gym. In the worship service, we will enjoy aspects of both our Traditional and Contemporary Worship Services and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. As you make your way to the gym, you will encounter pictures from our church’s history that will serve to remind you of our church’s origins. As you participate in worship, celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and enjoy fellowship around tables with others from our church, I encourage you to pray that the Lord will give each of us a common desire to join God in his mission to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in our community, state, nation, and even to the ends of the earth. I am grateful the Lord has called me to be your pastor and I am excited about all the Lord will do in and through us in the days ahead.

Schedule for Sunday, April 24:
9 a.m. – Sunday Morning Bible Study
10 a.m. – Combined Worship in the Sanctuary
11 a.m. – Churchwide Meal in the Gym