Foundation Moments: Mountain Brook Baptist Church/James D. Moebes Foundation

 |  Ministry Highlights, Foundation Moments  |  Baker Crow

In our latest Ministry Highlights blog, Baker Crow shares about the Mountain Brook Baptist Church/James D. Moebes Foundation. Baker has served in a number of roles as a lay leader at MBBC, and we are grateful for this new chapter for the church and for our Foundation, as he steps into the role of Executive Director. 

I’m Baker Crow and I’m honored and excited to serve as the initial Executive Director of the Mountain Brook Baptist Church/James D. Moebes Foundation (“Foundation”). Our Foundation was created in 2013 by church leadership to serve as an entity to gather from our congregation additional resources. The Board of our Foundation invests these additional resources to provide a return which will be used to support and enhance the missions, ministries, activities, projects, and special needs of our church. Contributions by donors to our Foundation are tax deductible. 

As Executive Director, I have been tasked by the Foundation’s Board of Directors to grow our Foundation through enhanced visibility and greater education. Over the course of this year you’ll learn more about our Foundation, strategies for giving to our Foundation, and the work of our Foundation. I’m also very interested in learning from you what is important for you to know about our Foundation, so please feel free to contact me with your suggestions and questions.  You may email me at, or text or call me at (205) 936-3263.

As you learn more about our Foundation, I ask you to consider how you would answer the following question: Does your estate plan reflect YOUR faith? Each of us needs to seriously consider our Christian legacy. We owe the future generations of Mountain Brook Baptist Church an example of lives lived with integrity and the willingness to learn, grow, and remain faithful to the Christian values we proclaim. 

Just this past week a minister amusingly declared to me he’s never conducted a funeral where there was a U-Haul parked next to the casket. His message was simple: all we accumulate during life is left behind. Alabama law allows each of us to decide how we want to distribute what we leave behind at our deaths. Just as you’ve generously shared your income with our church during your life to help us meet each year’s ministry plan, I’m asking you to consider making a legacy gift of a portion of your estate to our Foundation at your death. You have the option of defining how your gift to our Foundation is structured and applied, such as for facility maintenance or children's ministry. Your legacy gift serves as a perpetual witness to your family, our community, and the congregation of Mountain Brook Baptist Church of the importance of your Christian faith.

Please call me with any questions. I’m available to help you, your family, and your advisors craft your gift in a way which reflects your unique goals for your Christian legacy.