Ministry Highlights: Intentional Fellowship on July 4

 |  Ministry Highlights  |  Mary Splawn

Emma Laura Patrick is the teacher for the Connections Class, one of our women's Sunday Morning Bible Studies. In this post, she shares about hosting her class for a holiday and about the gift of intentional fellowship. 

What a celebration six members of the Connections Bible Study group experienced on July 4. Since we were not having Bible Study after worship, I invited the class to my home for brunch. Half of the class was out of town. The six of us who were there wore 4th of July crowns and celebrated with stories, laughter, memories, and prayer, and we even created our own sparkling fireworks. 

It was a multigenerational group ranging from ... well, you know, we don’t reveal our ages - but you would have thought we were all 13-year-olds enjoying ourselves. I can’t remember a more entertaining and enjoyable group of ladies. Different ages, different experiences, different technological abilities, but all grew up going to church, loving God, and experiencing many changes but knowing God’s love for us never did! God is good and we experienced His goodness that day! This celebration together was a day I will treasure.

Pictured in the photograph above are class members Janie Barnes, Dot Carroll, Judy Dortch, Jane Green, Lassie Hatley, and Emma Laura Patrick.