Ministry Highlights: 2020 Trunk-or-Treat Drive-Thru

 |  Ministry Highlights  |  Mary Splawn

We’re so grateful for the many volunteers who stepped up to make our Trunk-or-Treat Drive-Thru such a success this past Sunday, October 25! Because of your faithfulness and commitment, we were able to provide a safe and fun activity for families in our community, when many other fall festivities had been cancelled. It’s hard to know an exact count, but we saw around 150 cars come through the line and over 300 kids! 

Kids loved the interactive trunks and really enjoyed following along with the story of creation told by the trunks – one child came home telling her grandmother about the days of creation, taking away the main point that God is the creator of everything. There was a great spirit of community and celebration. Plus, the word spread to the community, so we had quite a few guests participate!

Thank you for the ways you love God and live with grace and generosity. Because of your generous support through giving financially, serving others at the event, and praying alongside, hundreds of people got to hear the message that God has created the world. Our prayer is that they would know the promise of the gospel – that the same God who created all things continues to sustain all things, and that He sent His Son Jesus, that we might have hope in Him! 

Trunk-or-Treat 2020 Photo Album