Foundation Moments: Planning Your Legacy

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In my last newsletter article, I asked how you’d answer the following question: Does your estate plan reflect your faith? If you’re concerned it doesn’t, now is the time for you to create your own personal legacy to continue your ministry beyond your lifetime.

I suggest you start with considering the ministries you love and support. Then dream big! How impactful would a legacy gift from you be to sustaining and growing those ministries? Could your legacy gift fund a new ministry you’ve felt our church needed to pursue? It’s your turn at the canvas to paint your vision of how God is inspiring you for his future kingdom.

If you’re like most people, your reluctance in creating a legacy gift is your fear your family may need these assets which you carve from your estate for your legacy gift. You don’t want to disappoint them. I propose you change your perspective and instead consider how a legacy gift serves as a powerful example to your family of a life lived in service to others in the name of Christ. If they too adopt this priority for their lives, it’ll have a greater impact upon them than these additional assets they would’ve received.

Depending upon your goals and the nature of your assets, I, or your advisors, may alleviate some of your concerns by helping you craft estate planning solutions which maximize the amount you can leave behind for your family and your legacy gift.

If I can help answer any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to email me ( or call me (205.936.3263).