Foundation Moments: Missions and the Foundation

 |  Foundation Moments  |  Margaret Ritchie

Mountain Brook Baptist Church makes mission work a priority. We send people across the country and around the world and we partner with agencies in places needing to hear the message of Christ.  When I learned the church's James D. Moebes Foundation had a missions component not yet funded, I knew where I wanted to make a lasting contribution. 

Giving to the church's budget is so important. But I had the opportunity out of some family funds to get creative and think how I wanted to additionally support the church and specifically its missions work. From my role on the Missions Committee, I see a wonderful variety of mission trips planned and I wanted to be sure there were some legacy funds available for those trips to always have support. My husband once asked me what is important to me in our mission work and I responded, "It's about the Great Commission - supporting those who are willing to GO OUT and win others for Christ."

As we approach the end of the year, if you are looking for ways to additionally support the church and its work, I encourage you to consider a gift to the Foundation. I am looking forward to our church's ability to fully restore travel as the pandemic wanes and to see our international mission partners thrive. And the Foundation can be a part of making all of that happen. I welcome talking with anyone who wants to learn more about our church's mission work and I know Baker Crow welcomes sharing more about the vision for the Foundation.