Foundation Moments: Lynn W. Williams Fund

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In this month's Foundation Moments blog, church member Lynn Williams shares about how she was inspired, through serving at the church, to establish a new fund through the Foundation.

I have been attending MBBC since my family moved to Birmingham in 1952. When I began receiving an allowance, I was encouraged by my parents to give a portion of it to the church and I have continued to donate an amount annually to support the general ministry budget of the church. This past year, I was blessed to have an amount above the amount of my annual pledge that I wanted to direct to some specific ministries of the church.

I was familiar with the MBBC/Jim Moebes Foundation and its four designated funds: General, Missions, Facilities, and Compassion. After talking with Baker Crow, I learned that, with the approval of the Foundation's Board, a separate fund could be established under the umbrella of one of the four funds
designated for specific purposes. After I retired, I began working with Cooks On A Mission and became very familiar with the equipment and general condition of the church's kitchen as well as the kitchens in the two missionary houses. Also, my family has participated in the Living Nativity since its inception. In 2014, my family had four generations of angels in the Living Nativity ranging from my 94-year-old father to my 8-month-old grandchild. 

Since these two aspects of the church's ministries are so important to me and my family, after a brief conversation with Baker and a couple of email exchanges, I was able to establish a fund under the umbrella of the General Fund to be used for the specific needs of the kitchens and the Living Nativity.