Pastor's Blog: A New Look

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Most of us are creatures of habit.  While fashion styles may come and go, the vast majority of us prefer to keep things the same.  Granted, there are some folk who relish the opportunity to shake things up for the sake of being different, but more of us are perfectly content with “same old, same old.”   

But, ironically, when it comes to most of the other things we’re a part of in life we understand that from time to time some changes are most definitely in order.  Consider, for example, your home, your favorite store or restaurant, or even your favorite vacation spot.  A little freshening up is always appreciated when it comes to those special places.  So, why should our church be any different?

This Sunday, you’ll see a new look in our publications at MBBC.  After five years, we’re moving away from the folded hands that shadow the green background of the MBBC cross and we’re going to an image that features the colors in our Sanctuary’s stained glass windows, which will be bolder and more consistent with our church’s dominant feature.  The MBBC cross will still be included in our new look, but we wanted to come up with something we thought might better build upon what we see as one of our church’s aesthetic strengths.

What you’ll also notice is that we will incorporate this look into every medium in our communications portfolio: our website, our Sunday bulletins, and our midweek update.  We will also make available a monthly information sheet, which will allow us to offer a Sunday bulletin that is not so “announcement heavy,” providing a cleaner and crisper look to our Sunday worship guide.  That information sheet will be available this Sunday as well, along with an updated website, and these two offerings will enable us to keep important ministry dates before our congregation, both in print and electronic forms.

We’re grateful to Wayne Splawn, Amy Jackson, and Rick Simmons for their leadership in this transition.  They have worked with a local firm, Leap Logic, to help craft a look that is in keeping with the character and culture of our congregation.  I think you’ll like their work and will be pleased with the finished products.  But most of all, I am confident that you’ll feel even better about the freshness this effort will bring to our church’s witness and the many ways in which it will reflect more the profound vibrancy God is bringing about among us.  

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9).