Realm Check-In

We use Realm Check-In for Children's Ministry events at MBBC. If you are a church member and haven't set up your Realm account, visit this link and get it set up today! Learn more about Realm here.

On Sunday mornings we have two convenient locations for check-in. The first is inside the top covered entrance off of Overbrook Road at the Full Day ELC Entrance. The second station is located outside the second floor elevator. 

Thank you for helping us keep your child safe and secure by using Realm each time your child comes to a children’s ministry event.

Realm Check-In FAQs

Why are we using Realm Check-In?
Checking your child in with Realm allows your child’s teacher to know if your child has any allergies. Checking in with Realm also provides an extra layer of security. Your child will have a security badge, and your child’s parent or guardian will get a badge too! When you pick up your child, you simply hand the sticker to the teacher and the IDs will match.

Who needs to be checked in?
At this time, we are asking parents of preschool children through completed third grade to check them in for worship and for Sunday Morning Bible Study. You should check in upon arrival to MBBC and can check them in for all Sunday morning events when you arrive.

I'm a guest and haven't signed up for Realm. Can I still check my child in for an event?
Yes! If you are a guest, or if you haven't set up Realm yet, you can still use Realm Check-In. When you arrive at the Realm Check-In Station, type your child's name into the computer. If a profile doesn't pop up, select "Guest" and fill out the appropriate information so that we can keep your child safe and secure in our care.

My child has an allergy. How do I indicate that in Realm?
If you have signed up for Realm, you can go into your child's profile using your web browser (this isn't currently supported in the app) and can make a note of the allergy on your child's profile. You can also do this at check-in by selecting the exclamation point at the right hand corner of their name on the computer. If you aren't on Realm - no worries! When you arrive at the Check-In Station and get to your child's profile, you can set up allergy information on their profile.

Can I use the app for Check-In?
If you’re currently using Realm and have the app, you can even check in your child before you arrive at church! Open your Realm Connect app, go to “More” and then select Check-In. Select the person being checked in and mark the events they will be attending. You’ll see below where you can set up an emergency contact for your child. Then the app will generate a code for you to enter into the check-in computer.

My preschool child is going with me to worship before being dismissed for preschool worship care. Do they still need to be checked in?
Yes, please check them in before you attend worship and go ahead and put the security badge on them, so that we'll have their information when they leave the Sanctuary following the Children's Message.

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