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Realm FAQs

What is Realm?
Realm is our church database. Realm is specifically designed for church members, so that you can update your database information, communicate with other church members, and use the database to register for events. To see a short video demonstration on the process click here. (Realm Sign Up Tutorial)

I’ve never logged in to Realm. How do I access Realm?
We are sending out invitations to everyone who has not logged in to Realm on March 20. Look for an invitation in your inbox. Once you receive this email (be sure to check in your junk mail to make sure it didn’t end up there), follow the instructions it gives to set up your account at

Why would I want to use Realm?
Part of the reason we switched over is because Realm is meant to be more user-friendly for church members. Each church member has an account in Realm, where your address, phone number, contact information, and giving information are stored. One of the unique things about Realm is that you have access to all of your information. When you sign up for Realm, you are given access to edit your personal information. This means that, when you move or change your email address, you are able to simply go online and make that change, and the church office will have it updated. 

You also have the ability to connect with other church members via email. In Realm, you could send an email to your Sunday Morning Bible Study, or you could look up someone’s address to send them a greeting card if their profile is public, rather than having to rely on your paper directory. 

The giving tool is also especially helpful. You’re able to give online directly through Realm, and you can set up recurring gifts. In addition, Realm will also show you what you have given toward this year’s pledge. 

You can also use Realm to sign up for upcoming events in the church. We hope to begin using Realm for check-in for children's activities later in the spring as well. 

Is there an app for Realm?
Once you have signed up on your web browser and have your username (email address) and password, you can visit the app store to download the app, Realm Connect, to use on your phone or tablet

Is my information private?
Realm is a secure database. Others can’t access it without church permission - which is why you could only access it with the church email I sent you from Realm. In addition, in regards to your personal information, you can set the restrictions on who can access that information. Here’s how to do that: 

  1. When you log in to Realm, go to view your profile.
  2. Then, select Manage Privacy.
  3. The next page will help you set security settings which will determine who sees your personal information.

Can others see my giving record in Realm?
No; your giving record is secure. The only people who can see your giving record in Realm are those who work in the finance office. 

I see something that’s incorrect in Realm on my record. What do I do about that?
If your address, phone number, or birth date are incorrect, you have the control to change that. If you notice that you are in a group you shouldn’t be in, contact Amy Hirsch (205-803-3471) to let her know. If you see an issue with your giving record, contact Debbie Hix (205-803-3460). 

I’m having trouble getting my account set up. What should I do?
Contact Amy Hirsch (205-803-3471) and she will be happy to help walk you through the set-up steps.

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