South Africa Mission Trip

South Africa Mission Trip

The MBBC Student Ministry is organizing a mission trip opportunity to Cape Town, South Africa June 23-July 5, 2020. During the trip, we will partner with a ministry called Living Hope that ministers primarily to those living in informal settlements commonly referred to as "townships." 

Living Hope's Four Ministries

  1. Living Care: Healthcare
  2. Living Grace: Homelessness and Addiction
  3. Living Right: HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention
  4. Living Way: Economic Empowerment

The MBBC team will be working alongside these ministries in a way that best supports the ongoing mission and ministries of Living Hope. Our predominant area of work will be meeting needs for their Living Right ministry in Life Skills Education. We will work alongside Life Skills Educators to put on a Holiday Club.

“The typical child who attends club is coming to an after school program where they seek refuge from a broken family life. Their parents are working long days and return home to kids who don’t always receive the attention they seek. Teenagers struggle with identity coming from a poor community, and finding balance outside the townships where people are wealthier and have more privileges than they are given. They find themselves in a valley of decision, and their options are limited. The influence the life skills educators have on their lives is mighty as they work to restore broken foundations and build up the youth in their faith and education to focus on Christ.”

For more information about Living Hope, visit

We will stay at The Team House, a partner of Living Hope. Find more information here:

Ministry Goals

The goals of this mission trip, including pre-trip planning and preparation as well as post-trip debriefing, are as follows:

  1. To partner with a Christ-centered organization that is doing responsible, sustainable ministry among the urban poor in an international setting.
  2. To help trip participants gain a better understanding of the complex issues that are involved in doing a short-term mission trip in a way that is beneficial for the host organization, the people to whom they regularly minister and trip participants.
  3. To encourage students to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and develop deeper relationships with other trip participants.
  4. To help trip participants think about ways they can be more involved in missions in the Birmingham metro area long after the trip is over.
  5. To help students develop a better understanding of international missions so that they will be more equipped to participate in the mission planning efforts of MBBC.


Final cost will depend upon the team size and other variables, but for planning purposes, below are the cost from our previous trip. We anticipate cost this time will be similar.

Airline Tickets: $2,150

In Country Estimated Costs: $1,000

(Housing, Meals, Transportation, Attractions)

Total Cost Per Person: $3,150

(Before Missions Committee Contribution and Fundraising)

Deposit: $250

Additional expenses will include potential additional cultural activities  we may do as a group, approximately six meals while in South Africa and food while we’re traveling, and any souvenirs/snacks you may want to purchase on the trip.

Please note: We welcome non-MBBC members on this mission trip! Money raised by the team fundraisers will be divided evenly among all team participants. However, money given by the MBBC Missions Committee is reserved for MBBC members. This will make the final cost variable based on how many team members we have.


To participate in this trip a nonrefundable deposit of $250 and application was due by December 1, 2019.

Preparation and Commitments

Participants will be challenged to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ as we prepare for the trip. You will be asked to memorize a passage of Scripture and read portions of a couple of different books that will challenge us to consider how we might participate in international missions in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved. Participants will also be asked to attend monthly team meetings and participate in any fundraisers the team decides to hold. Spiritual preparation is the most important thing you can do to be ready for this trip. We'd encourage you to grow spiritual disciplines which will benefit you in preparation.

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