Deacons at MBBC


Using REALM to Schedule Deacons

If you are brand new to REALM, then welcome! Realm is how MBBC will be scheduling Deacons and all other serving roles from now on. If you need help setting up your Realm account, please email Amy ( or Joel ( and they will be happy to assist you. Also, feel free to download the REALM Connect App. The app has most of the features of the webpage, but fits in your pocket. 

You will receive an email from Realm once you are added to a Deacon team and assigned to any specific Sundays. The email will look like the one below. (You may have the option to accept of deny an assignment from your email.) To navigate to the Realm Serving Home Page, click the blue text at the bottom of your email that says "View All Assignments." 


The Serving Home Page on Realm gives one access to a few very important features. From here, one can see all their assignments, one can mark the days they are unavailable to serve, and so much more. (See Photo Below) 

!! It is very important to consistently update the days that you CAN NOT serve, otherwise known as "Dates Unavailable." This will improve our scheduling efficiency, as we will know that you are unavailable to serve on a particular day. !!

*Serving Home Page

See All Assignments

Return to the Serve Home Page, from there navigate to the "See All Assignments" page. From here you can see and edit all of your assignments. If you need to decline an assignment that you already accepted, click the date for that Sunday and change your response. 

Make sure to have your "Dates Unavailable" page updated so that we know when you are available to serve. 

*See all assignments
*Change your response with the click of a button

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