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Arab Baptist Theological Seminary

The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) equips servant-leaders for the ministry challenges arising in the Middle East and North Africa—be it theology, apologetics, communication, pastoral care, ethics, society, or culture.

Here are some prayer requests we recently received from the leadership of ABTS:

  • Please pray for Lebanon in light of the worsening economic crisis. As the Lebanese parliamentary elections approach, please pray that the people of Lebanon vote for those who are seeking change according to God’s will.
  • Please pray that the Church in Lebanon models peace and unity to its community. May it seek to glorify God by having a vibrant witness and by reflecting the love of Christ in practical ways with the increasing poverty.\
  • Please pray for the growing Church in the Arab world as the gospel spreads in the region like never before, and pray that its light shines brightly, calling for hope rather than despair, in a turbulent region that is filled with war, strife, inequality, and poverty.
  • Please pray that the Leadership Team at ABTS is given wisdom and strength as they seek God’s direction for the coming season in all areas of ABTS’s ministry. Please pray that they are always watchful for and responsive to God’s work in the region.
  • Please pray for their faculty members, who are faithfully offering academic training to students all around the Arab world. Pray for those working on their PhD dissertations.
  • Please pray for their staff members. Every one of them plays a vital role in the ministry of the seminary, so pray that they may be given strength to glorify God through their work. As part of that, please pray for some staff members who are working on their Master’s theses or are taking classes directly benefiting their professional fields.