Preschool & Children

Nurturing your child with God's love, grace, and generosity 

Do you have a vision for your child's life? A dream of who your child will become? At Mountain Brook Baptist Church, we have a vision for the children in our care. We want to see children become believers in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and help parents have confidence that their children are in a safe, loving Christian environment at MBBC.

We understand the responsibility we have to care for your children. We take this responsibility very seriously. We offer quality Bible teaching and are seeking to open, guide, and strengthen the minds and hearts of children to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The spiritual foundation of each child begins in infancy and grows and develops each year. It's our goal in the Preschool/Children's Ministry for each child at Mountain Brook Baptist Church to make his profession of faith in Jesus Christ and to mature as a Christian. Our ongoing ministries and special events are all planned to help children as they grow as Jesus grew: physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We are blessed to have faithful teachers and look forward to a great year of Bible study. Almost all of our children's classes are on our second floor with the exception of our Preteens class, which meets in PT's Diner on the fourth floor. Here's a complete listing of teachers and room locations:

Preschool Class Rooms

Infants - Room 223
Camilla Gaines, Gloria Gaines, Barbara King

Creepers/Toddlers - Room 225
Valencia Dowdell, Sara Perez

Preschool 1 - Room 229
Valencia Dowdell, Jennifer Jordan

2K (3 by 9-1-17) - Room 220
Bethany Stewart/JoAnn Stewart

3K & 4K (3 or 4 by 9-1-17) - Room 224
Hiram Hyde, Irene Stutts, Jo Wills

5K (5 by 9-1-17) - Room 226
Terre Su & Perry Jackson, Mary Ponder & Adam Porter

School Age Classrooms

1st Grade - Room 240
Lara Dobbins, Kim Hardwick

2nd Grade - Room 234
Dan & Jennie Pickett, Chris & Leslie Corts

3rd Grade - Room 232
Mariya & Stan Breaux

4th Grade - Room 206
Kelly Rollow

5th & 6th Grade - Room 411
Melanie Toranto

Kid Check Security

We use KidCheck as our check-in system. Parents, please create a profile for each of your preschool children. You can download the mobile app and begin the process on your phone or iPad. You must check-in two times here at church before they can use the wireless check-in. After the second time, your child’s label will automatically print when they enter the building.

Worship Care

Worship Care is available for both worship services from bed babies to completed 4K. Worship Care dropoff is in the Early Learning Center; we have greeters available for both services who can assist you with finding the dropoff rooms. Children entering kindergarten attend worship with their parents. When dropping your child off for worship care, please make sure your child has a completed security card or guest tag. Please label all bottles as well as your child’s bag. Let the teacher know if your child has allergies or special needs. We look forward to loving your child and teaching him or her about Jesus.

Upcoming Events

Well Versed Kids 

This year, our children participated in the Red Cycle for Bible Drill.  Children in 1st-6th grade worked on Bible Skills every Sunday evening from 5-6 p.m. during the school year. Our goal this year was to learn Bible skills that would help them feel confident to read their Bible by knowing the books of the Bible, locations of key passages of Scripture, and 25 Bible verses that they could apply to their lives. To see the skills for 2017-2018, visit this page.

Summer Calendar

Check out this link for a PDF of our 2018 Summer Calendar for School Age Kids! Visit this link to sign up for these summer events!


Face to Face

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Kids Visual Study Bible

Study Bible for 4th-6th graders

What About Me?

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Well Versed Kids

1st-6th Grade Bible verses for Bible Drill

When I Go to Church

How to prepare your preschool child for worship

Music and Bible Verses for Preschoolers

Preschool Music & Bible verses used in Preschool Worship on Sunday mornings

Parenting in the Pew

A guide to guiding your children into the joy of worship

Right Now Media

We have a church subscription to Right Now Media - get signed up today (there's even an app!) and check out these resources:

What Is a Christian?

What’s in the Bible?

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Books, DVDs, and reference materials for your entire family.


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