This Sunday, December 17, we will have Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9am and our Combined Service in the sanctuary at 10am.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Relevant Sunday Morning Bible Study is a goal of Mountain Brook Baptist Church. When we come together as a group on Sunday mornings, we learn that we are not alone in our questions.

Sunday Morning Bible Study is not supposed to be a lecture, a seminar or a contest to see who knows Scripture the best.  Instead, this time is devoted to helping you grow as a believer. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and we each have contributions to make to the study.  

There are numerous classes available on a variety of topics from apologetics to raising a family, to devotions or a book study. Conscious attention to our own spiritual growth is crucial to the Christian walk, and we make it a point to demonstrate to our guests and members that Sunday Morning Bible Study is worth attending. Regardless of where you are in life, we have a place for you!

College Students - Room 404

Join us at 10am as we study the book of Matthew!

Adult 1

Cornerstone -  Room 402

A mostly couples' class studying the Bible together with the goal of knowing God better and developing deeper personal relationships with Him and each other

Young Professionals - Room 409

A class for young adults becoming established in their careers that focuses on developing relationships/ networking with other young adults and growing through fellowship and study of the Scriptures

Foundations - Room 401

This class is designed for young married couples who do not yet have children and couples with preschool age children

Fellowship - Room 244

The Fellowship Class focuses on encouraging and challenging one another to grow in Christ and cultivating meaningful relationships through fellowship and service in a welcoming and open environment. 

Faith -  Room 242

Adult 2

Open Door (Couples) - Room 405

Activities oriented to families with children (range in ages preschool to Junior High); people/relationship oriented; offering a variety of Bible studies

Love (Ladies) - Room 201

A ladies' class consisting of loving, caring women who are eager to help those in need. They possess a deep desire to know the scriptures, are warm and friendly to all who attend, and are very mission minded..

Mizpah (Couples) - Room 247

Activities and studies oriented to families from diverse backgrounds, with preteen and teenage children and who enjoy ministry/project involvement.

New Upper Room (Couples) - Room 268

Young couples in beginning career positions who enjoy ministry involvement and life application Bible study; parents of preschool/young children

John Wiley Christian Forum (Men) - Room 319

Discussion welcomed in Bible study approach; some members retired; emphasis on addressing people’s needs

Connection (Ladies) - Logan Dining Room 

A group of ladies who enjoy a discussion-oriented Bible study that also deals with current issues 

Adult 3

Hope (Ladies) - Rooms 209/211

Here is what some members have to say:  “We are caring about each other, our church and our community.”; “We’re open to the leadership of the Lord’s Spirit through Bible study.”; “I’m always greeted with a smile!”; “Our team-teachers encourage discussion and practical application of the Scriptures.”

Rehoboth (Couples) - Room 323

Couples with adult children in college/beginning careers; good mix of small group social events; supportive of each other; enjoy diversity in class discussion.

Seekers (Couples) - Cassese Conference Room (located on the 3rd floor outside Hudson Hall)

Theologically open-minded; open discussion in class, different opinions encouraged; loyal and devoted group.

Seminar (Men) - Room 208

Indepth study of the Bible, class has good knowledge of the Bible and a major interest in how the Bible applies personally; discussion is important, not strictly lecture style; regard and compassion for class members, especially those with health problems.

Torchbearers (Ladies) - Room 215

Active; prayerful; giving (talents, time, money, but most of all love); each blessed by belonging—inclusive of everyone; variety of teachers.

Dr. Dotson M. Nelson, Jr. Bible (Men) - Room 259

Class is mostly retired businessmen; two teachers with different approaches; encourages participation and discussion.

Friendship (Couples) - Room 320

Open discussion/Bible study; caring/ministering to others.

Grace Nelson Agape (Ladies) - Room 318

Serious Bible study, open to learning new truths; caring, compassionate, sharing, volunteering; acceptance of each other.

Preschool Division

Bed Babies  - Room 223
Creepers  -    Room 227
Toddlers  -     Room 227
Preschool 1 - Room 229


2 Year Olds - Room 220 (2 by 9/01/17)
3 Year Olds - Room 224 (3 by 9/01/17)
4 Year Olds - Room 224 (4 by 9/01/17)
5 Year Olds - Room 226 (5 by 9/01/17)

Children's Division

Grade 1 - Room 240
Grade 2 - Room 234


Grade 3 - Room 232
Grade 4 - Room 206

Pre-teen Division

Grades 5 & 6   Room - 411

Junior / Senior High Division

Jr. and Sr. High students meet together in youth area at 10am and then split up into small groups for teaching time and discussion:

Grades 7-9 (girls) Room C203  |  Grades 7-9 (boys) Room C201  |  Grades 10-12 (coed) Room C207

(C = Christian Life Center)

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