On Sunday, January 21 we will have Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9am, followed by a combined worship service at 10am in the sanctuary, where our incoming deacons will be ordained and installed.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Relevant Sunday Morning Bible Study is a goal of Mountain Brook Baptist Church. When we come together as a group on Sunday mornings, we learn that we are not alone in our questions.

Sunday Morning Bible Study is not supposed to be a lecture, a seminar or a contest to see who knows Scripture the best. Instead, this time is devoted to helping you grow as a believer. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and we each have contributions to make to the study.  

There are numerous classes available on a variety of topics from apologetics to raising a family, to devotions or a book study. Conscious attention to our own spiritual growth is crucial to the Christian walk, and we make it a point to demonstrate to our guests and members that Sunday Morning Bible Study is worth attending. Regardless of where you are in life, we have a place for you!

College Students - Room 404

Our college students meet together during the year for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. This winter, we'll be studying the second half of Acts. 

Adult 1

Cornerstone -  Room 402

A mostly couples' class studying the Bible together with the goal of knowing God better and developing deeper personal relationships with Him and each other

Young Professionals - Room 409

A class for young adults becoming established in their careers that focuses on developing relationships/networking with other young adults and growing through fellowship and study of the Scriptures

Foundations - Room 401

This class is designed for young married couples who do not yet have children and couples with preschool age children.

Fellowship - Room 244

The Fellowship Class focuses on encouraging and challenging one another to grow in Christ and cultivating meaningful relationships through fellowship and service in a welcoming and open environment. 

Faith -  Room 242

Adult 2

Open Door (Couples) - Room 405

Activities oriented to families with children (range in ages preschool to Junior High); people/relationship oriented; offering a variety of Bible studies

Love (Ladies) - Room 201

A ladies' class consisting of loving, caring women who are eager to help those in need. They possess a deep desire to know the scriptures, are warm and friendly to all who attend, and are very mission minded..

Mizpah (Couples) - Room 247

Activities and studies oriented to families from diverse backgrounds, with preteen and teenage children and who enjoy ministry/project involvement.

New Upper Room (Couples) - Room 268

Young couples in beginning career positions who enjoy ministry involvement and life application Bible study; parents of preschool/young children

John Wiley Christian Forum (Men) - Room 319

Discussion welcomed in Bible study approach; some members retired; emphasis on addressing people’s needs

Connection (Ladies) - Logan Dining Room 

A group of ladies who enjoy a discussion-oriented Bible study that also deals with current issues 

Adult 3

Hope (Ladies) - Rooms 209/211

Here is what some members have to say:  “We are caring about each other, our church and our community.”; “We’re open to the leadership of the Lord’s Spirit through Bible study.”; “I’m always greeted with a smile!”; “Our team-teachers encourage discussion and practical application of the Scriptures.”

Rehoboth (Couples) - Room 323

Couples with adult children in college/beginning careers; good mix of small group social events; supportive of each other; enjoy diversity in class discussion.

Seekers (Couples) - Cassese Conference Room (located on the 3rd floor outside Hudson Hall)

Theologically open-minded; open discussion in class, different opinions encouraged; loyal and devoted group.

Seminar (Men) - Room 208

Indepth study of the Bible, class has good knowledge of the Bible and a major interest in how the Bible applies personally; discussion is important, not strictly lecture style; regard and compassion for class members, especially those with health problems.

Torchbearers (Ladies) - Room 215

Active; prayerful; giving (talents, time, money, but most of all love); each blessed by belonging—inclusive of everyone; variety of teachers.

Dr. Dotson M. Nelson, Jr. Bible (Men) - Room 259

Class is mostly retired businessmen; two teachers with different approaches; encourages participation and discussion.

Friendship (Couples) - Room 320

Open discussion/Bible study; caring/ministering to others.

Grace Nelson Agape (Ladies) - Room 318

Serious Bible study, open to learning new truths; caring, compassionate, sharing, volunteering; acceptance of each other.

Preschool Division

Bed Babies  - Room 223
Creepers  -    Room 227
Toddlers  -     Room 227
Preschool 1 - Room 229


2 Year Olds - Room 220 (2 by 9/01/17)
3 Year Olds - Room 224 (3 by 9/01/17)
4 Year Olds - Room 224 (4 by 9/01/17)
5 Year Olds - Room 226 (5 by 9/01/17)

Children's Division

Grade 1 - Room 240
Grade 2 - Room 234


Grade 3 - Room 232
Grade 4 - Room 206

Preteen Division

Grades 5 & 6   Room - 411

Junior / Senior High Division

Jr. and Sr. High students meet together in youth area at 10am and then split up into small groups for teaching time and discussion:

Grades 7-9 (girls) Room C203  |  Grades 7-9 (boys) Room C201  |  Grades 10-12 (coed) Room C207

(C = Christian Life Center)

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