Project 119

Dive into His Word

Here at Mountain Brook Baptist Church, it is our desire that each member would incorporate Scripture reading as a regular, meaningful part of his or her relationship with God. To that end, we are launching a Bible Reading Initiative called “Project 119.”

This name comes from Psalm 119, a chapter in the Bible that is dedicated to extolling the beauty and usefulness of God’s word. In this passage, the psalmist declares that God’s word: 

• Helps one keep his or her way pure (v. 11)
• Provides strength and hope (v. 28, 49)
• Makes one wise (v. 98)
• Serves to provide direction in life (v. 105)

These are just a few examples of the ways that the psalmist says the word of God proves useful in the life of the believer. In addition, the psalmist expresses a sincere delight in the Scriptures. In reading this psalm, one does not get the impression that the psalmist values God’s word out of a sense of obligation or in an attempt to earn God’s approval. Read through the psalm and count how many times the author uses the word "delight." I think this is a view of God’s commands that many of us would love to have. We would love to delight in God’s word for the pure joy of it and approach the Scriptures in an attempt to know God, trusting that we will benefit from our time spent pondering God’s word. All of us have surely experienced these aspects of the Scriptures. We have enjoyed seasons in which God’s word brought us joy and true delight and we have benefited from living our lives in accordance with God’s word. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, if we are honest, the Bible seems dry and dull. We read and read and nothing seems to penetrate our hearts.

Fortunately, the psalmist had this experience as well. In verse 18, the psalmist prayed,“Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law” (ESV). The psalmist experienced seasons when the word seemed anything but wondrous. So, the psalmist prayed for eyes to see wondrous things in God’s word. 

Our prayer for Project 119 is that each of us would gain a greater love for God’s word through the regular reading of Scripture. We pray that we would find it useful as we apply it to our lives and that we would experience the fruit and joy that comes from living according to God’s commands. In addition, we pray that God would be gracious and allow us to say that we truly delight in the word of the Lord!

In order to accomplish these goals, we will be providing you with Scripture reading guides. These guides will walk you through entire books of the Bible. If we are reading through the Old Testament, we will try to help you see how the book connects to Jesus Christ and the New Testament. Also, we will provide you with special reading guides during the Lent and Advent seasons. We will deliver these guides to you through our church’s website. You can access them on the blog portion of the website by going to We will also make a .pdf version of the plan available on the website in the event that you would like to download one and use it on your phone or tablet. 

On December 3, we begin our 2018 Advent Devotional plan, entitled Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus: Prophet, Priest, and King. Visit this link to access a PDF of the plan, or you can access other past Bible Reading Plans by using the links below.